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Charter The Great Barrier Reef


As the healthiest, largest and, without a doubt, the most beautiful coral reef on the globe, the Great Barrier Reef is one of Australia’s premier destinations. Spread over a breathtaking 2,300km, this is the perfect opportunity for a South Pacific island hopping superyacht adventure thanks to calm seas and a mild climate.

The reef’s greatest attraction lies in its phenomenally diverse underwater world, with snorkelling and scuba diving rated amongst the most spectacular in the world. Even the sheer grandeur of just the corals is enough to make visiting worthwhile. However, this is combined with an amazing variety of marine creatures that populate this azure garden of Eden. Tropical fish, fascinating whales, playful dolphins, sea turtles, sharks and seasnakes make this a wholly vibrant spectacle, totally unmatched elsewhere on this planet.

Seabirds thrive, with a diversity of species beyond your wildest imagination. Michaelmas Cay, a 200m stable coral sand island, is home to 38+ species with some months seeing flocks of 100,000 birds visiting this popular nesting site. Raine Island National Park is the most important seabird rookery in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage area together with supporting the world’s largest green turtle nesting population.

The scale of wildlife can only be described as exceptional.



Above water, the beauty of the reef does not stop, the myriad of islands each have superb appeal. The Whitsundays are credited to be amongst the world’s most spectacular sailing grounds and ideally suited to relaxed cruising. Take in the fantastic views of Whitehaven Beach and enjoy the out of this world sunsets.

For those seeking a luxurious experience the islands of Hayman, Heron and Bedarra offer some of the most luxurious resorts in the area. When seeking an experience closer to nature, Green and Fitzroy Islands in the north, or Dunk and Bedarra further south, offer spectacularly lush rain forests and astonishing wildlife.

Visit the Great Barrier Reef to indulge in a luxurious yacht charter. Experience some ultimate wonders our planet has to offer in simply the most unique way.






From June to August, migrating Minke Whales travel through the reef, an incredible opportunity for an up close encounter


Visit Fogarty Park to see flying foxes roost in their thousands alongside the brightly painted lorikeets chattering loudly


At Heron Island, stand on the sand between the coral and look for epaulette sharks, who have adapted feet-like fins to ‘walk’ and hunt in rockpools

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