Charter Overview

Charter Overview

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Operating the largest luxury charter fleet worldwide, we pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations. With emphasis on freedom and adventure, we will deliver the definitive bespoke charter, underpinned by excellent service.



A yacht charter is by its nature, entirely personalised to meet your desires. We offer experience, local knowledge and complete flexibility. Your tailored itinerary will consider you group’s needs and preferences and apply them to your chosen cruising area. Of course, thing’s change, and if you are reluctant to leave the beach to fulfill the next leg of your journey, your Captain will adapt your itinerary to ensure you get the maximum enjoyment from your charter. Your crew is made up of trained professionals with experience in their fields, providing exacting service while being mindful of your safety onboard. Your captain, chef and stewardess are on hand day and night, and depending on the size of the yacht, the team will grow exponentially. Your crew will orchestrate every detail, from the navigation to throwing themed cocktail parties and arranging watersports adventures. The crew will be fully briefed on your preferences so that, no matter what time you want to sleep, eat or play, your needs will be preempted. The chef will deliver exquisite menus according to your tastes and dietary needs, and the galley will be stocked with everything you have requested. As experts in hospitality, the crew will make special occasions memorable and cater to every whim with discretion. Like to barbeque onboard? Only drink wine from Italy? Want a daily massage? Just let us know. Facilities available vary from yacht to yacht but inside and on deck, you can expect high grade AV, wifi and entertainment systems. Your yacht will be stocked with a selection of toys to suit your itinerary, from sailing dinghies, kayaks and inflatable slides, to snorkeling gear, jet skis and fully submersible submarines or remote-controlled boats. (Note that some toys require a license).


The sheer number of superlative yachts available for charter can mean the options seem limitless. This is where the Ocean Independence team comes in. Within our extensive fleet, we guarantee you will find the ideal luxury yacht to meet your needs. You can’t beat a sailing yacht for romance: feel the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin, and the chance to swim in secluded coves far from the demands of modern life – in complete privacy. This slow pace is the definitive relaxation. The soundtrack is water, gently lapping the hull of your sloop, catamaran or schooner. The wind, rigging and sails dictate the pace, handled by professional crew who can tailor the experience to the desires of the guests on board. Sleek, stylish and offering speed and excitement, crewed motor yachts have the authority on entertaining, both below deck and above. Usually boasting larger cabins and more generous living accommodation than sailing yachts due to their overall interior volume, motor yachts ideally suitable for families or friends cruising together. Want a cinema, spa or helipad? Have to cater to multigenerations or like the idea of an integral garage so that you can drive onshore and explore? Just let your broker know. With cruising capacity and speed motor yachts can cover ground within a timeframe without relying on the winds. Their easier handling abilities and overall robustness mean that motor yachts are popular with novice charterers.

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