Charter Tonga

Charter Tonga


Relatively untouched due to minimal impact from the outside world, Tonga is a tiny archipelago flourishing amidst the vast expanse of the Pacific. Untouched sways of land, perfectly matched by a multitude of white sandy beaches, pepper the coastline. Spectacularly beautiful and authentically genuine; say ‘Malo e leilei’ (hello) to the Kingdom of Tonga, where life ticks along at its own uniquely unruffled pace. On board your superyacht charter don’t try to look for cultural experience, it will surround you. Expect ubiquitous folklore and traditional values of Christianity to be tangibly omnipresent. When you are on ‘Tonga Time’ there is really nothing that can’t wait until tomorrow. Wave goodbye to pretentious tourism, the Tongan islands are overflowing with veracity. Dazzling beaches, discreet resorts and untold water-based opportunities bordering craggy coastlines engraved with hiking trails plus a wealth of gregarious locals to meet. The plethora of original folklore continues as it has for hundreds of years; the palpable tradition and culture are delightfully pervasive. On your Tonga luxury yacht charter prepare for an irresistible choice of activities, followed by a refreshingly cool sundowner, listening to waves sashaying gently over the reef. If pursuing peaceful relaxation in a gentle climate, blessed with uninterrupted sunshine and gentle winds, then it is unquestionably time to charter a superyacht in Tonga.




Visit the rugged natural paradise of ‘Eua, 40km southeast of Tongatapu. This unique eco-tourist destination showcases exotic birds, hidden caves, limestone arches, sinkholes and rainforests.


Locals rate their favourite Vava’u eatery as Bellavista in Neiafu – a romantic, top floor setting, complete with candlelight, far-reaching harbour views and great disco hits for later.


Along the coastline at Houma, the Mapu ‘a Vaea (Chief’s Whistle) blowholes are a spectacular sight. Waves send seawater bursting some 18m into the air through holes in the coral reef, producing a whistling sound.

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