Rolls Royce rejects ‘anonymous, utilitarian and bland’ and offers up a truly revolutionary concept, codenamed 103EX, the marque’s first pure Vision Vehicle. A futuristic, zero-emission and authentically bespoke vehicle, the aim was to create a completely personal, effortless – and autonomous – Rolls-Royce experience.

It’s designed around four core tenets:

The Personal Vision sees the customer involved in the design of the shape, size and silhouette to ‘herald the return to authentic coach-building.’

The Effortless Journey sees the car become a virtual assistant and chauffeur, ‘freeing them of all effort and encumbrance’ by pulling up to collect passengers when it’s time to leave, anticipating the environment on arrival, and ‘helpfully but discreetly making suggestions and recommendations, briefing them ahead of their arrival so they are ready to perform.’

Inside – The Grand Sanctuary ensures a hand-crafted lounge atmosphere. A coach door and clamshell canopy envelop passengers in blissful silence, while a silk sofa and the finest one-off deep-pile ivory wool carpet produce an environment f effortless elegance.

The Grand Arrival is guaranteed by the striking use of glass. The canopy lifts, the single coach door sweeps open as a step emerges from below the running board and a red light projects a welcome. The future, it seems, belongs to a new icon.

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