Festival de Cannes has always been a model for glamour. The world’s largest international showcase of the cinematic arts, it transforms Cannes into the romantic epicentre of the world’s film industry, playing host to movie stars, visionary directors, artistes, wannabes and everyone in between. The Cannes Film Festival is unique in that anyone can submit a film and every submission has the chance to be viewed by representatives of the international movie industry. The highest prize awarded at the Cannes Film Festival is the Palme d’Or, a 24-carat gold palm on a single piece of cut crystal, which has been given to the winning director of Best Film since 1954. Designed and crafted by Chopard, the official jeweller of the festival for nearly 20 years, the Palme embodies the opulence of this cinematic celebration.
Spanning 10 days, the program of events takes place at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, where the red carpet features more stars than Hollywood Boulevard. Those wanting seamless access to this exclusive crimson walkway moor their superyacht up to the Jetée Edouard Albert and prepare to host extravagant after-parties.

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